Scrutiny are a 4 piece heavy rock band from Brisbane Australia, who released their debut album WATCH THIS! in December 2020,  with an onslaught of heavy catchy tunes that come as a breath of fresh air.


Drawing from personal experiences, Scrutiny fights for you in a world full of moral challenges. In late 2019 Lead Singer Darren Kucks had a near fatal car crash but the band pressed on and inspired songs like Where are the Angels?


Being put down for even considering being in a band WATCH THIS! is the result, as they cannot be stopped. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are, you will

always face scrutiny. 

The band were featured on 99.7 Bridge FM in December 2020.


Blistering Lead Guitar by Joe Vince on top of Brent's hammering rhythms, John Benstead's back breaking Drum style provide the perfect platform for Darren's soaring vocals as he endures his recovery.


Raw and infectious, people asked for change, here it is.